Lange Spar In ‘delicious’ Bette Davis-Joan Crawford ‘Feud’

LOS ANGELES — As Joan Crawford, aging and no more in demand, agonizes in her living area within an unflattering newspaper photograph, a swirl of conflicting feelings compete for cameos: disbelief, sadness, pride, self-pity, vengeance and –  finally – fury. As played by Jessica Lange in FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan (Sunday, 10 ET/PT), Crawford simmers in 1 …

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Die Cast Tools

He Persisted

He had to do it. It made him ill. But he has no regrets. Beware of the bite ‘Heartbreaking’: Facebook Measures up push against violent Movies Brad Pitt gets honest about his divorce, quitting booze, Beginning Treatment ’13 Reasons’ Reacts to criticism

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